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KATTS professional transcription services

King Audio Transcription and Typing Services (KATTS) is based in the UK and has been specialising in professional transcription services since 2003.

If you need high quality, confidential transcription services in a user-friendly manner KATTS can help you.

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KATTS established in 2003, specialises in professional transcription services. KATTS is based in the beautiful town of Poole in Dorset and serves national and international clients. The internet makes outsourcing audio transcription and typing projects to KATTS really easy.

Using today's technology it is so easy to record an event such as a conference, an interview, a disciplinary hearing or a focus group and outsource the transcription of the audio sound file to KATTS transcription services. The completed transcript will then be sent to you by email attachment.

You can trust KATTS transcription services with your confidential transcription projects. A Confidentiality Agreement can be entered into to reassure you that all information passed to KATTS will remain completely private and safe.

For very sensitive transcription projects KATTS transcription services offers an encryption service using TrueCrypt, which is free open-source encryption software.

Entrust your transcription project to KATTS transcription services and you can be assured of a thorough and cost effective transcription service. Your transcription project will be managed personally by Sarah King who will look after you throughout your transcription project.

You can rest assured that all transcriptions at KATTS transcription services are thoroughly proofread against the original audio sound file and any inaudible words or phrases are marked in the transcript with the time in the recording as standard at no extra charge.

Throughout the transcription project KATTS transcription services will ensure that any necessary internet research for the proper spelling of names and places or technical terms is also standard where possible at no extra charge.

By Sarah King
(C) Copyright KATTS 2003. All rights reserved.
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Wow Sarah you’re a star. What fantastic service – as always.

– Training Video Transcription

Many thanks for such a prompt turnaround on this. It's much appreciated.

– Lecture Transcription

That’s brilliant; thanks for the massively quick turnaround.

– Grievance Hearing Transcription

Thank you very much. If it is ok with you can I pass your services onto fellow students and lecturers?

– Interview Transcription

That looks great!

– Interview Transcription

My goodness, that was quick!!

– Video Transcription London

The pain you saved me from during my dissertation is something I will never forget!

– Interview Transcription London

A pleasure to work with. Transcriptions were accurate and turned around rapidly.

– University of Birmingham

Wow so fast :) Brilliant, thank you!

– Interview Transcription York

That is great many thanks and really appreciate the speed. – Interview Transcription Mid Glamorgan

Thanks, Sarah. These look fantastic. I will definitely get back to you when we have more required. Glad I found you---sometimes Google does actually work!

– telephone interview transcription

Wow, awesome! Thank you Sarah!!

– legal transcription

Thank you again for your very fast and excellent work!

– patent lawyer transcription, Germany

Many thanks for the prompt and thorough job.

– focus group transcription

Many thanks for your great work.

– patent transcription

Wow … now that’s quick. Thanks.

– museum transcription

Hi Sarah, Wow! Brilliant. As ever, many thanks for being so efficient and quick.

– video transcription

Thank you so much Sarah for all your hard work. I really appreciate it. I will keep you posted on how I get on with my MA.

– interview and focus group transcription

Wow, fast as ever. Thank you!

– legal transcription

Thank you Sarah. That's brilliant. You are so helpful and worth your weight in gold!

– Focus Group transcription and interview transcription

Hi Sarah, thanks for your prompt reply and excellent service.

– mp3 Focus Group transcription for MA research

Hi Sarah, brilliant, thanks for the quick turnaround.

– mp3 transcription for national museum

What service. Brilliant thanks.

– oral history interview transcription

Wow, that was fast!!! Thank you Sarah!

– legal transcription

Thanks Sarah, you've been fab - and a lifesaver. I will definitely recommend you in future.

I would just like to thank you again for a wonderfully prompt and very personal service. Thank you!

– Research dissertation Interview Transcription

Thanks for the excellent and fast service. It was a pleasure working with you, I will recommend you to my colleagues.

Hi Sarah, thank you for your very professional service. I could not have kept pace without your help.

KATTS cover transcription services including: conference transcription, event transcription, interview transcription, focus group transcription, video transcription, legal transcription, museum transcription, disciplinary hearing transcription, grievance hearing transcription, investigative meeting transcription, solicitor-client interview transcription.

KATTS has provided transcription services to clients in London, Cambridge, Cardiff, Oxford, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry, Warwick, Glasgow, Loughborough, Newcastle, Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole, Leicester, Bradford, Durham, Sheffield, Halifax, Leeds, Bolton, Dundee, Liverpool, Salford, Swansea, Chester, Hull, Bath, Exeter, York, Nottingham, Stirling, Brighton, Sussex, Germany.

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